Life of a Band: Who does What

There's a lot to do with a band of this size.  There's a lot of equipment, a lot of music, gigs to book, rehearsals to run, subs, and - hopefully - a few bucks to share.  BBB shares these responsibilities across several band members so no one person has to do it all.  All of us are playing members of the band.
  • Musical Director - Find charts, run rehearsals, create set lists, and count off the band.
  • Business Manager - Coordinate and secure the gigs, work out the details, and produce the calendar.
  • The Money Man - Get the $'s, pay the $'s, and track the $'s.
  • Equipment Wrangler - The really handy guy with the big Suburban that can haul everything.  (Also coordinates our rehearsal space.)
  • 4 x Section Leads - Get subs as needed.  Rhythm, sax, trombone, and trumpet.
  • Social Media Guy - Manage the web site, Twitter, Twitter, and emails; recruit each gig's load-in crew.
  • 4 x Load-In Crew - Volunteers willing to come out early and setup. Bonus: you don't have to tear down.
  • 15 x Load-Out Crew - Everyone who didn't setup!