BBB Phraseology

All bands share typical lingo like "gig," "book," and "set list."  But BBB has a few phrases and traditions of our own.

Chuck Beasley would always shout out “Traveling!” before he counted off a chart, giving the band a heads-up that we were about to start.  “Traveling!  One, two…”  This tradition continues at the start of every song today.

One Dollar 
If a band member blows a particularly impressive solo that totally impresses you, we tip them $1.  A truly fantastic job could net the soloist upwards of 3 or 4 dollars! 

“White Whale” 
Not so much a long tradition as one I’m trying to get started.  Our band’s gear is hauled in a giant, white Chevy Suburban.  Not only does the Moby Dick allusion fit, the great American novel offers a multitude of metaphors and similitudes that I can use.